It looks like Cardomain has abandoned their traditional photo-album format for a blog-type one. Unfortunately this has resulted in a jumbling of our build galleries. We are currently working on hosting them here. In the mean time the links below still work, but lead to the jumbled pages. Sorry...

Built over the winter of 2008-09, this former 1990 Miata now makes 240 hp to the rear wheels and 276 ft.lbs. of torque! Click on the picture to visit #002’s site.

Built before we even had a name, this unsuspecting 1990 Silverstone became our first V8 conversion over the summer of 2006. While not as easy to the eye as its three descendants it taught us much of what we know about building these cars.

This “collectable” 1993 LE Miata became our first “official” MRM chassis over the summer of 2008. Currently it’s producing 281 rwhp! Click the picture to visit its site.

MRM Chassis #002:


The MRM V8 Test Mule:


MRM Chassis #001:


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McCully Racing Motors

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MRM Chassis #003:

“The Keeper”

Built over the Spring/Summer of 2010 this 1994 Laguna now sports a 331 stroker and makes 273 rwhp and 311 ft.lbs. of Torque! Click on the picture to visit it’s cardomain page.

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