Brake Upgrade Kits for all Miatas!

What good is horsepower if the car DOES NOT STOP!


· All non-friction surfaces are painted with 600-degree paint to prevent ugly rusting.


· 4 separate kits available to suit your needs and budget.


· 1990-93 front calipers are NOT the same as 1994-1997 calipers.


· Larger rotors mean a larger “thermal mass”, (they can cool more effectively because there is more metal to absorb the heat) and better brake “leverage” (the distance between the hub and the caliper is greater which allows the brake to do more work).


Front ‘94 upgrade: $239.99

We discovered early on that the original 1990 to 1993 brakes are in no way up to the task of stopping a V8 Miata. We looked into some of the “big Brake” options out there and realized that the cheapest was almost $1200.00!!! Further, once you commit to one of those kits you commit to rotors that are close to  $100 a piece should you need new ones! As always we set about trying to find a less expensive alternative from the OEM market.


Step One Upgrade: Upgrade front rotors and Calipers to 1994 spec: $239.99 + your old calipers and hangers as cores.


The first and cheapest upgrade is to simply upgrade the front original 9.24” diameter rotors to the larger 10.03” 1994 and up rotors. This involves replacing the rotor, the caliper hanger and the caliper with the larger 1994 equipment. Yes, we know “they” say there is no difference in the 1990-93 calipers and the larger 1994-1997 calipers. “They” are wrong. The “fingers” on the front and the position of the piston in relation to the bracket are different on the later calipers to better grip the larger 1994-97 pads. Using the original calipers with the larger pads will cause the pads to wear unevenly and not grip as they should causing overheating and uneven rotor wear. Trust us, we’ve tried to stop 2700 lb, 300 hp Miatas from 140mph. We know what we’re talking about.


This basic first-step upgrade costs $239.99 plus your old 1990-93 calipers AND HANGERS as cores. Once we get your cores we’ll exchange them for the larger units, clean prime and paint them and the rotors and send them back out to you. You get all new hardware for the front, including springs and sliders. You decide what type of pad you would like and order them from another site or your local auto parts store. Just don’t forget to tell them that you need pads for a 1994 Miata, not a 1990, ‘91, ‘92 or ‘93.


Step Two Upgrade: Upgrade the Fronts and Rears to 1994 spec: $439.99 + your old front calipers and hangers as cores


The next step is to also upgrade the 1990-93 rear 9.08” rotors to the later 1994 9.87” rotors. Fortunately, there is no difference in brake caliper for these years. The only difference is the rotor itself, the hanger that mounts the caliper and the hardware used to attach it.  To upgrade all four brakes to 1994 spec you again send us your front calipers and front hangers as cores and we send you back all four 1994 rotors, completely painted on all non-friction surfaces with 600 degree paint, two new front 1994 calipers, hardware and hangers again painted, and a set of 1994 rear hangers and a new hardware pack to make them fit your old rear calipers. Again, you get to buy your choice of pads from your favorite Miata aftermarket dealer.


If you would like your rear calipers painted to match your fronts we’ll do that for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Just throw them in the box with your front caliper and hanger cores and we’ll clean them up and paint them to match!

Don’t like red? No problem! Let us know when ordering what color you what and we’ll see what we can do.

McCully Racing Motors

Because two heads are better than one.

McCully Racing Motors

Allentown/Barto, PA

Front/Rear ‘94 upgrade: $439.99

Front 11” Rotor/Rear ’94 upgrade: $529.99

Front 11” Rotor/Rear Sport Brake upgrade: $689.99

Step Three Upgrade: Upgrade the Front rotors to 1991 VW Corrado 11.2 inch rotors, the front calipers to 1994 spec, and the rear rotors and calipers to 1994 spec:  $529.99 + your old front calipers and hangers as cores


949 Racing recently announced that they have a bracket that will relocate your Miata’s front calipers so that they can clear a 1991 VW Corrado’s massive 11.2 inch front rotors. The only problem is that if you happen to have a 1990-’93 Miata you first have to upgrade to 1994-’97 sized brakes. Not a problem! Simply send us you 1990-93 front calipers and hangers and we’ll send you back our Step Two Upgrade kit with the larger front Corrado rotors instead of the 1994 front rotors and a set of 949’s front relocators. We’ll still paint everything up for you with high-heat paint and even test fit your actual relocators on a Miata to make sure everything works together before packing it up and shipping it out to you.


Step Four upgrade: Front Rotors Upgraded to 1991 VW Corrado 11.2 inch rotors, the front calipers to 1994 spec, the rear rotors upgraded to 10.85 inch Miata Sport Brake diameter: $689.99 + your old front calipers and hangers as cores


The last step in OEM brake upgrades is our Step Four kit. This kit will upgrade your front calipers to 1994 spec, the front rotors to the 11.2” Corrado rotor and utilize 949 Racings rear Big Rotor adapter to upgrade your rear rotors to the much larger 10.85 inch Miata sport brake diameter. Again, all you need send us are your two old front calipers and hangers and we’ll send you back a set of Corrado rotors for the front and a set of Sport brake rotors for the rear all painted with high-heat paint and ready to go on your car. We’ll also send a set of new font calipers and hangers with hardware and a set of rear 1994 hangers with new hardware again all painted to match. In addition we’ll send a set of 949’s front and rear adapters which we’ll check prior to sending out on an actual Miata to make sure they work with the rest of the kit. Again, you choose the pads you want from your favorite supplier. Ask for 1994 front and rear pads for this combination.

A comparison of the early 9.24” fronts and the 9.08 rears to the later 10.03” fronts and the 9.87” rears.

1990 front caliper on the left, 1994 on the right. Notice the different shape of the front “fingers.”

Front Rotors from top to bottom:

1990-’93 Miata Rotor (9.24”)

1994-’97 Miata Rotor (10.03”)

1991 VW Corrado Rotor (11.2”)


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